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How to Avoid Getting Ripped Off by a Moving Company?

 When it comes time to move to a new home, people usually call a moving company for help. Movers can help them pack up their belongings, load it in the moving truck, bring it to their new location, and unload the truck. While this may sound simple there are moving companies out there that take advantage of their customers and charge them additional fees and hidden service charges just to make a quick buck.

These are some tips to avoid getting ripped off by movers...

Get the Estimate in Writing

An estimate is just that, it is a projected amount of money that the movers say that the move is going to cost. Be sure to get estimates in writing and ask specifics about what they include and what services are extra. This will help you find hidden fees . Also what services during the move will increase the estimate. This way can you decide if this company is one that you can trust.

Get a Physical Address

Many moving companies advertise online. A person can get a quote online and book their moving service. This is fine but in order to reduce the chance of being ripped off make sure the moving company has a physical address. Look up this address to make sure there is a real company there. If there is no physical address there is nowhere to go if there is an issue with the service. This will also help a person determine if the moving company is a legitimate business.

Be Wary of a Deposit

If a moving company asks for a deposit this can be a warning sign that it is a scam. Reputable moving company will not require a deposit before they provide the service. They will get paid once they transport the goods. If a person pays them upfront the moving company can take their time in delivering their items if they do at all.

Avoid the Blank Contract

This should be a sign for everyone that the company is a scam. Never sign a contract that is blank so matter how nice the movers sound. Be sure to get everything in writing. If the contract is blank the moving company can write in a number of extra fees and increase the price as they feel the need to. There will be nothing you can do about it because you have already signed the contract.

These are some things to be aware of when working with a moving company to make sure that they are not a scam. Be sure to get everything in writing including the price per mile, charges, and even the dates and the time of the move. Be sure to check several references to make sure you are working with a legitimate and fair moving company.

6 Mistakes People Make When Hiring a Moving Company

Moving is a procedure in itself with so many things to think about that sometimes we forget certain details that become problems during the process. There are a lot of common problems that people make before they contact a moving company and these problems often times result in more and more problems. To avoid these issues, below is a list of the top 6 mistakes people make when hiring a moving company.

1)) Last Minute Packing!
If it’s been a long time since you’ve moved, chances are you’ve forgotten about how time-consuming moving can be. Procrastinating at the last moment to pack before the movers show up can result in a number of things going wrong like forgetting to put something in the box, putting it in the wrong box, or having it misplaced. Get your packing done at least 24 hrs before the moving company shows up!

2)) Not Properly Labeling and Organizing Your Boxes!
When the time comes to unpack your boxes at your new home, putting all of the boxes that don’t have labels or mix-matched boxes into one room for sorting out later can be an absolute nightmare! Organizing your boxes with labels by room will be such a big help for you and the movers as they unload the truck.

3)) Not Weeding Out Junk!
Like most people on this earth, some of us have a tendency to hang onto stuff that we never use and hang onto forever! This is a prime opportunity to thin down stuff that you don't need. There's no need to be paying extra moving expenses for 20 boxes of junk or waste your time sorting through it and packing it. Get rid of it!

4)) Having No Clue Where Your Daily Essentials Are Located?
After a long day of traveling, the last thing you feel like doing is looking for your personal hygiene products and combing through endless boxes making a mess looking for your bathroom stuff. Don't pack these essentials into moving boxes for the truck. Make an overnight bag and keep them close.

5)) Getting Help Too Late!
If you don’t schedule a moving company ahead of time there’s a good chance you may not be moving that day! Most professional companies do not operate on such short notices. There might be a chance that you get lucky and they have a team with no trip already booked. Always call your moving company in advance and get a moving day locked-in.

6)) Hiring The Wrong Moving Company!
This is the biggest mistake that people make in hiring a moving company! Before you do anything, the very first thing to check is their standing in the community. Are they an established business in the community they serve, do they have a customer service department that answers your calls, do they have an established website with contact information and customer reviews, and are they honest and don't have a track record for being late or a history of personal items reported missing? Do your homework!

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12 Tips For Hiring The Best Moving Company

1. Check Their Reputation

The first thing you want to do before you hire a moving company is to check their reputation. Asking important questions about the company’s reputation will unearth a mountain of important information.

2. How Long Have They Been in Business?

Checking to see how long they’ve been in business will disclose a lot about their standing in the community. A company that has been in business for a few years proves they have an established track record.

3. Do They Have Insurance?

You can verify if a moving company is insured by going to their website and look for their license number. Never hire a moving company that doesn’t have insurance. You don’t want a fly-by-night operation handling your personal effects and having no legal action if something happens.

4. Do They Have a License?

If you’re moving across state lines a professional moving company will have a US DOT number. These are unique numbers to that specific moving company. You can check the validity of their number by researching it in the database.

5. Do They Have a Good Online Rating?

You can search sites like Citysearch, Trustlink, Yelp, and the Better Business Bureau’s website for their BBB rating. On these sites, you can read about other customers experiences with the moving company.

6. Have They Won Any Awards For Customer Service?

There’s a good chance if they haven’t won any accolades for customer service, they won’t be looking for any of you either.

7. Ask About All of The Rates and Services Covered.

If they promise a low rate this doesn’t imply that this will be your final bill. Are the fuel expenses included, do they have a certain weight limit before overages apply, and rates can fluctuate from day to day. Ask questions.

8. Do They Have Consolidation Policies?

Consolidation is shipping your possessions with other people’s saving some money but be advised this can add time to the delivery. This is an option if saving money is an issue.

9. Other Questions to Ask the Moving Company?

Do they wrap your possessions and pack them in boxes, how long will it take, how many movers will be in your house, and will you be charged for any overtime?

10. Do They Measure in Advance?

The best way to protect yourself is to take pictures before and after the move. A professional moving company will take measurements in advance to ensure your property will fit through and not get damaged.

11. Do They Have Any Specialty Experience?

Moving into high-rise buildings with elevators and long winding stairways can mean extra men and extra men with specialty moving equipment can be very expensive. Find out ahead of time what these rates are and what they entail.

12. Does The Moving Company Ask You Questions?

If they haven’t asked you a single question but are ready to give you an estimate and collect the check. Shut the door and run.

And there you have it – you just learned the 12 Tips For Hiring The Best Moving Company. And if you start applying what you learned you should be able to screen and narrow down your prospects of professional moving companies.

If you want to bypass all the guessing, conflicting information, and pushy salespeople… contact a moving expert.

So, go ahead and get your moving questions answered today…

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